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Your engineering workflows, reimagined

Kypso is a platform for engineering teams to build and manage AI workflows to automate complex and repetitive tasks.

Leverage AI in your workflows

Use Kypso to analyze and categorize your data, enabling the automation of actions and triggers. Whether it's converting Slack messages into bug tickets or scheduling meetings from GitHub discussions, effortlessly automate your manual workflows.

Integrated into your existing workflows

Kypso works where your engineers do. Receive notifications directly in your day-to-day tools, enabling you to review and approve your workflows, ensuring smooth integration and control.

Build custom workflows easily

Use smart building blocks that are specific for engineering teams to automate your manual processes. No more manual, lengthy setups with endless API calls.

Enhance operational transparency

Gain valuable insights into your teams' workflows with Kypso. Identify areas for improvement and optimize processes for maximum efficiency.

Security & Privacy

At Kypso, protecting and managing your data is fundamental to our mission.
Trust that your data remains secure as Kypso doesn't store the raw data from your tools. We leverage permissions from your original apps, ensuring that your sensitive information stays protected and confidential.
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And more on the way!

Our vision

To enable a future where teams of all types improve their alignment and collaboration,
without changing their existing ways of working.

Our principles

Company Core Values


We promote transparency at all levels of the organization. Encourage open and honest communication, both internally among team members and externally with customers and stakeholders.


We want to make a positive impact on organizations by helping them solve complex collaboration challenges.

Data-driven decision making

We base decisions on data and insights rather than intuition or assumptions.


We empower our people to ask deeper questions and understand the deeper meaning of their work.

Built for engineers, by engineers.

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