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Smart workflows for R&D leaders

Automate and scale your R&D teams with confidence, integrated into the apps you use for work.

Engineering leaders trust us

"I have been using Kypso to reformat my PMs & engineers Jira tickets and it saves me a lot of valuable time."

VP Product

"Kypso has been super valuable for me in automating manual sync work and notifying me on business critical items that shouldn't get missed. Can't wait to build more automations."

Itay W., VP R&D

"Kypso has helped me uncover critical items from Slack that would have been missed otherwise."

Josh E., VP R&D

Single pane of glass for automations

Seamlessly integrate tools and streamline workflows across your R&D operations, ensuring everything is connected and easily accessible. No more switching between multiple platforms—get a comprehensive view and control from a single interface.

Pre-trained bots on R&D knowledge

Leverage the power of Kypso's pre-trained bots, designed specifically for R&D workflows. These intelligent bots understand and execute common R&D tasks right out of the box, reducing setup time and accelerating your team's productivity from day one.

Integrated into your existing workflows

Kypso works where your engineers do. Receive notifications directly in your day-to-day tools, enabling you to review and approve your workflows, ensuring smooth integration and control.

What do your teams need?

Generate release notes

Generate release notes for new GitHub deployments, search for related Jira issues, and send a Slack message with the release notes.

Create Jira bugs from Slack threads

Create a Jira bug for every new Slack thread classified as reporting a bug.

Identify potential incidents in Slack threads

Identify potential incidents in Slack threads and act in Slack - create a channel with the relevant people or reply in thread.

Meeting Summaries from Slack to Notion

Automatically summarize meeting notes from Slack and store them in Notion.

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Security & Privacy

At Kypso, protecting and managing your data is fundamental to our mission.
Trust that your data remains secure as Kypso doesn't store the raw data from your tools. We leverage permissions from your original apps, ensuring that your sensitive information stays protected and confidential.
For our full privacy policy, click here.


And more on the way!

Our vision

To enable a future where teams of all types improve their alignment and collaboration,
without changing their existing ways of working.

Our principles

Company Core Values


We promote transparency at all levels of the organization. Encourage open and honest communication, both internally among team members and externally with customers and stakeholders.


We want to make a positive impact on organizations by helping them solve complex collaboration challenges.

Data-driven decision making

We base decisions on data and insights rather than intuition or assumptions.


We empower our people to ask deeper questions and understand the deeper meaning of their work.


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