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Your engineering workflows, reimagined

Use Kypso to detect and fix issues in your team's workflows before they become real problems,
across your entire productivity stack.

Powering team workflows for today's startups and tomorrow's leaders.

Catch missing tickets in slack messages

Ensure that no software bug slips through the cracks. With Kypso, every critical Slack message will be caught, streamlining your debugging process and ensuring swift issue resolution.

Save time on redundant meetings

With Kypso, you can identify unnecessary meeting invites or define focus time for your team, allowing your team to dedicate uninterrupted time to their tasks and projects, ultimately boosting productivity and efficiency.

Ensure tickets are engineering-ready

Ensure a frictionless transition from planning to execution. Kypso meticulously checks the readiness of tickets for engineering work, guaranteeing that your team can dive into development without any delays or hiccups.

Tackle out-of-scope discussions in pull requests

Keep your development discussions on track. Kypso identifies and flags out-of-scope discussions within pull requests, allowing your team to maintain focus on the essentials and avoid unnecessary diversions that can lead to project delays.

Security & Privacy

At Kypso, protecting and managing your data is fundamental to our mission.
Trust that your data remains secure as Kypso doesn't store the raw data from your tools. We leverage permissions from your original apps, ensuring that your sensitive information stays protected and confidential.
For our full privacy policy, click here.


And more on the way!

Our vision

To enable a future where teams of all types improve their alignment and collaboration,
without changing their existing ways of working.

Our principles

Company Core Values


We promote transparency at all levels of the organization. Encourage open and honest communication, both internally among team members and externally with customers and stakeholders.


We want to make a positive impact on organizations by helping them solve complex collaboration challenges.

Data-driven decision making

We base decisions on data and insights rather than intuition or assumptions.


We empower our people to ask deeper questions and understand the deeper meaning of their work.

Managing R&D teams
is not just about delivering quality code.

A lot goes into managing your team’s operations: tracking all the different tools, putting out fires,
guiding your people. Kypso makes it seamless.

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