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Turn project challenges into repeatable success

Ship better products using an AI copilot to manage and scale
your teams' operations across everyday tools.

Shipping awesome products
is not just about writing quality code.

A lot goes into making sure everything runs as planned.
Kypso makes your teams brilliant at it.

Measuring team performance doesn't cut it.

It's time to unlock the full potential of your team's operations.


End every important discussion with a decision

Kypso will make sure every important discussion is captured and resolved efficiently. No more missed opportunities or delayed responses. Drive your projects forward with clarity and alignment.


Identify unclear scopes before they become a problem

Prevent scope creep and project delays by identifying unclear scopes early on. Kypso makes sure you spot potential issues before they snowball into major problems. Stay in control of your project timelines and budgets, and ensure smooth project execution from start to finish.


Share progress updates on a defined schedule

Maintain transparency and keep stakeholders informed. Kypso enables you to share progress updates on a consistent schedule, fostering trust and alignment across your team.


Build your own powerful operations

Every team is different. Tailor Kypso to your unique operational needs. Build powerful operations with ease, using our intuitive UX. Unlock the potential of your team while leveraging the tools you already love.

Security & Privacy

At Kypso, protecting and managing your data is fundamental to our mission.
Trust that your data remains secure as Kypso doesn't store the raw data from your tools. We leverage permissions from your original apps, ensuring that your sensitive information stays protected and confidential.



and more on the way!




Up to 2 users
Up to 1 space
Up to 3 operation types
No credit card required


$29.9 $20

per seat/month

Unlimited users
Unlimited spaces
Unlimited operation types
7 days money back guarantee



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